Mission and Vision

Muskegon Community College, an associate degree-granting institution of higher education, is a center for lifelong learning which provides persons the opportunity to attain their educational goals by offering programs that respond to individual, community and global needs. To fulfill its mission, MCC is committed to:

  1. Prepare students for successful transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and enable students to pursue higher-level degree opportunities through our local partnerships with university programs.
  1. Prepare students in critical thinking, communication and long-term learning skills for the changing challenges of the future.
  1. Develop technical and vocational skills necessary to enter and/or advance in the technologically sophisticated workplace of the 21st century.
  1. Provide for the assessment and/or improvement of learning skills and attitudes necessary for a successful educational experience.
  1. Meet the unique educational, cultural, and societal needs in the community through special courses, seminars, and exhibits.
  1. Respond in a rapid fashion to the ever-changing educational and training needs of local and regional business and industry.
  1. Stimulate intellectual curiosity, promote humanitarian values and enhance the general educational experiences necessary for persons to function as effective citizens.
  1. Create an atmosphere where diversity is acknowledged and encouraged.
  1. Provide comprehensive student services that are conducive to student learning and satisfaction in all facets of the college experience and appropriate to an open door community college.


VISION: Building our community’s gateway to opportunities…
Creating the first and best choice for success.