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Wrestling-Ben McMullen Open

November 4, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 9:30 pm

Jayhawks crown two champions.

In the first open of the 2017-18 season the Jayhawks had two wrestlers finish as champions: sophomore Benny Gomez (Holt HS) at 125 lbs. and sophomore Ramon Correa (Holland HS) at 285 lbs. Also wrestling well for MCC were sophomore Corey Robinson (Whitehall HS) at 133 lbs. and freshman Jojo Dowdell (Whitehall HS) at 157 lbs. Both wrestlers made the finals but finished as runner-up. Sophomore Baker Hadwan (Winston Churchill HS) and freshman Sage Gonzales (Alma HS) finished 4th at 197 and 157 lbs. respectively.

“It was great to see our sophomore team leaders do well,” said Head Coach James Tietema. “Benny and Ramon had great days. Not only did they win, but they wrestled well, confident and very technical. I was also extremely impressed with Jojo. He wrestled very well. He’s an athletic guy who works hard in practice. I’m excited to see how much he improves this year.”

Next up the Jayhawks will travel to Angola, IN on Saturday, 11/11 to complete in the Trine Invitational.


Ben McMullen Open Results for Muskegon Community College:


125 – Benny Gomez – 1st

Benny Gomez (Muskegon CC) over Matt Genau (Niagara County CC) (TF 20-3)

Benny Gomez (Muskegon CC) over Sean Halverson (GVSU) (Fall 2:11)

Benny Gomez (Muskegon Community College) over Austin Poch (Joliet JC) (DQ)

133 – Corey Robinson – 2nd

Corey Robinson (Muskegon CC) over David Chavez (University of Toledo) (TF 18-0)

Corey Robinson (Muskegon CC) over CJ Walz (Niagara County CC) (Fall 2:32)

Corey Robinson (Muskegon CC) over Kaleb Marion (Olivet College) (SV-1 10-6)

Dearion Stokes (Joliet JC) over Corey Robinson (Muskegon CC) (Maj 16-4)

149 – Dren Bratrum – DNP

Dren Bratrum (Muskegon Community College) over Easton Maus (Olivet College) (Fall 2:10)

Josh McKinney (Lincoln CC) over Dren Bratrum (Muskegon CC) (Maj 13-2)

Dren Bratrum (Muskegon CC) over Jacob Smith (Alma College) (Fall 1:35)

Dren Bratrum (Muskegon CC) over Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) (Maj 12-4)

Kaydon Newton (Unattached) over Dren Bratrum (Muskegon CC) (Fall 1:19)

149 – Trent Roesly – DNP

Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) over Michael LoBianco (Triton College) (Fall 4:27)

Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) over John Riena (Niagara County CC) (Maj 10-1)

Zach Blevins (University of Toledo) over Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) (TF 18-3)

Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) over Anthony Felke (Ancilla CC) (Maj 16-2)

Dren Bratrum (Muskegon CC) over Trent Roesly (Muskegon CC) (Maj 12-4)

157 – Sage Gonzalez – 4th

Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon CC) over Andrew Bonner (Joliet JC) (TF 17-1)

Ethan Reel (Lincoln CC) over Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon CC) (TF 16-0)

Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon CC) over Nicholas Martini (GVSU) (Fall 5:50)

Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon CC) over Dominic Crouse (Niagara County CC) (Fall 4:58)

Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon Community College) over Ben Huff (University of Toledo) (MFF)

Riley Rasler (Trine University) over Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon CC) (TF 16-1)

157 – Jojo Dowell – 2nd

Jojo Dowell (Muskegon CC) over Shaylyn Loomis (Lincoln CC) (TF 21-3)

Jojo Dowell (Muskegon CC) over Joshua Cooper (Ancilla CC) (Fall 4:27)

Jojo Dowell (Muskegon CC) over Ben Huff (University of Toledo) (Fall 1:51)

Ethan Reel (Lincoln CC) over Jojo Dowell (Muskegon CC) (TF 16-1)

165 – Blake Ross – DNP

Burk Van Horn (Lincoln CC) over Blake Ross (Muskegon CC) (Fall 1:48)

Blake Ross (Muskegon CC) over Grayson Richter (Alma College) (Fall 1:14)

Adam Hall (Olivet College) over Blake Ross (Muskegon CC) (Dec 3-2)

174 – Ronnell McGhee – DNP

Jacob Garrow (Niagara County CC) over Ronnell McGhee (Muskegon CC) (Maj 13-3)

Ronnell McGhee (Muskegon CC) over Joel Marron (Triton College) (Dec 8-3)

Asher Eichert (Triton College) over Ronnell McGhee (Muskegon CC) (Dec 13-6)

197 – Baker Hadwan – 4th

Rodsean Graham (Joliet JC) over Baker Hadwan (Muskegon CC) (Dec 6-5)

Baker Hadwan (Muskegon CC) over Jared Lancaster (Muskegon CC) (Dec 10-3)

Baker Hadwan (Muskegon CC) over Logan Winter (Lincoln CC) (Dec 3-1)

Jacob Kidd (Olivet College) over Baker Hadwan (Muskegon CC) (Dec 3-2)

285 – Ramon Correa – 1st

Ramon Correa (Muskegon CC) over Christopher Middlebrooks (Lincoln CC) (Maj 10-0)

Ramon Correa (Muskegon CC) over Jalen Mcferrin-Pace (Olivet College) (TB-1 2-1)

Ramon Correa (Muskegon CC) over Gabriel Rangel (Lincoln CC) (Dec 6-0)

Ramon Correa (Muskegon CC) over David Carnie (Niagara County CC) (Dec 7-0)

Ramon Correa (Muskegon CC) over Bryan Ditchman (Joliet JC) (Dec 4-1)

285 – Brock Johnson – DNP

Brock Johnson (Muskegon CC) over Noah Fayling (Trine University) (Fall 8:30)

Bryan Ditchman (Joliet JC) over Brock Johnson (Muskegon Community College) (Dec 6-3)

Christopher Middlebrooks (Lincoln CC) over Brock Johnson (Muskegon CC) (Dec 5-2)

285 – Jacob Spickerman – DNP

Raiden MaCleod (Davenport University) over Jacob Spickerman (Muskegon CC) (Inj. 5:15)

Christopher Colvin (Triton College) over Jacob Spickerman (Muskegon CC) (Inj


November 4, 2017
9:30 am - 9:30 pm
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