Greg Miller

Photo of Greg Miller

My Background

  • Hometown: Muskegon, MI
  • Professional Experience: Have either owned or have worked with partners in several businesses involving the music industry; computer consulting and database development; computer networking and security; and system analysis and design.
  • Academic Degrees: ABA - Muskegon Community College, BBA - Grand Valley State University, Did MS graduate work at Grand Valley State University
  • Classes Taught: My instructional curriculum consists of courses in computer networking, operating systems and security. Most of my professional career has been in the computer industry or related technologies. My strongest interests are in operating systems and computer and computer network security.

More About Me

  • I am an outdoor person. I enjoy physical, outdoor activities.
  • I enjoy motorcycling and long distant rides and trips
  • I enjoy bicycling and kayaking
  • I have several grandkids with whom I spend many weekends
  • I am blessed with a very tolerating and lovely wife, whom I love very much. I have a very loving family and family is number one with me.
  • I look at my students as extended family and engage them to think critically, to act and be successful. Their success and happiness is my success and happiness. I like to inject humor in the classroom… make learning fun! My courses are technical and require work. But, we are family!