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My Background

  • Academic Degrees: B.S. Ohio State University, Mathematics; M.S. Ohio State University, Chemical Engineering; Georgia Tech, three years advanced study, Chemical Engineering
  • Classes Taught: CHEM 100 lecture and CHEM 100a lab (introductory chemistry); CHEM 109 lecture & CHEM 109a lab (chemistry for health sciences); MATH 111 (college algebra) SEE BELOW FOR INFORMATION ON STUDENT PACKETS FOR THESE CLASSES

More About Me

Karen Wilson, MS ChE, BS MathMath and Physical Science Dept.
Office: 143-3 (corner office)
  Phone: (231) 777-0294
Fax: (231) 777-0487
Van Gogh from ARTstor.orgcadmium sulfide(CdS) — “Cadmium yellow” paint pigment is a toxic yellow salt. A salt is a compound between a metal (Cr) and a nonmetal (S). sulfur ring (S8) — Rotation of an octatomic yellow “sulfur flower” ring, created entirely on an iPhone. The Van Gogh self portrait from 1887 with “cadmium yellow” hat resides at the Detroit Institute of Arts.
FLAGS of my native students, former foreign students and a secretary:

Vietnam USSR  United States  United Kingdom  Ukraine  Turkey Taiwan Switzerland Scotland  Russia  Poland  Phillippines  Jordan  India  Greece  Gambia  Costa Rica  China  Austria  Albania

 Panoramas [© K. Wilson]:

Hearthstone in Muskegon, Michigan   Hearthstone, too

 Chemistry class video treats:

Rotating images of all elements (2 seconds):
see still picture table at PeriodicTable.com
Aluminum boat floats on sulfur hexafluoride gas: A crazy way to make salt:

Quotation favorites:

“I had no idea that there was so much chemistry around me.”
former CHEM 100 student
“Looking at the periodic table, you’d think the whole world would be covered in silver.”
another former CHEM 100 student
“Electricity is just organized lightening.”
George Carlin
click to see background image without quotes: Van Gogh's other Starry Night from ARTstor.org


•   B.S. Ohio State University, Mathematics
•   M.S. Ohio State University, Chemical Engineering
•   Georgia Tech, 3 years advanced study, Chemical Engineering
OSU, OrtonHall, YellowJackets, GaTechTower

Courses frequently taught:

•    CHEM 100 lecture & CHEM 100a lab (introductory chemistry)
•    CHEM 109 lecture & CHEM 109a lab (chemistry for health sciences)
•    MATH 111 (college algebra)

In CHEMISTRY 100 (introductory chemistry), we use my purple packet which students use for note taking, for reading graphs and tables, for learning computational procedures, and for doing certain homework assignments. The cover of the purple packet (created in AppleWorks) appears below.

In MATH 111 (college algebra), my students use my math pack each day in class for note taking and completing certain homework assignments. The black and white cover (created with AppleWorks, MathType, Texas Instrument graphing calculator link software and HyperCard) appears below. The simulation (to scale) of a white ball freely falling 700 feet against a black background was created by a computer program I wrote in HyperCard, an object oriented programming language for Macintoshes.

Purple Packet cover   Math Pack cover