Wind & Solar Certificate

SWIFT turbineMCC has long offered coursework in emerging career fields, and this includes its new “Wind and Solar Energy” and “Biofuels” certificates.

The new certificates represent areas of study needed for the environmental careers of the future. Students working on the Wind and Solar Energy certificate will be trained in the installation, maintenance, and repair of residential and light commercial wind and solar systems. Actual installation of MCC’s SWIFT wind turbine and a solar array ensures students are ready for the job market.

Students working on the Biofuels certificate have the opportunity to work in MCC’s Biofuels Lab.

Certificate Program: Wind & Solar Technician

  • TECH 200 (Applied Alternative & Renewable Energy) – 3 cr.
  • ELTR 111 (Electronics Mathematics) – 5 cr.
  • W 101 (Basic Welding) – 3 cr.
  • ELTR 101 (Basic Electronics) – 4 cr.
  • ELTC 103 (Residential Wiring) – 3 cr.
  • ELTC 150 (Industrial Electricity) – 3 cr.
  • ELTC 152 (National Electric Code) – 3 cr.
  • ELTC 160 (Programmable Controllers) – 3 cr.
  • ARE 115 (Wind & Solar Installation) – 3 cr.
  • TECH 200 (Applied Alternative & Renewable Energy) – 3 cr.
    Total 33 credit hours

The Biofuels certificate also readies students for employment by involving them in the actual production of ethanol, biodiesel, and methane, which are commonly used alternative sources of fuel. Students will also be trained in the technical monitoring and management of systems that create these fuels.

Certificate Program: Biofuels Technician

  • TECH 200 (Applied Alternative & Renewable Energy) – 3 cr.
  • MATH 109 (College Algebra with Applications) – 4 cr.
  • CHEM 100LEC (Fundamentals of Chemistry) – 4 cr.
  • CHEM 100A (Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory) – 1 cr.
  • CHEM 101LEC (General and Inorganic Chemistry) – 4 cr.
  • CHEM 101A (General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory) – 1 cr.
  • BIOL 104 (Introductory Biology II) – 4 cr.
  • AT 140 (Hybrid & Alternative Fuels) – 3 cr.
  • TECH 290CI (Cooperative Internship) – 4 cr.
    Total 28 credit hours

For more information on the required coursework, please make an appointment to talk with an academic counselor at MCC: (231) 777-0362.



How much will this program cost me? What financing options are available to help me pay for this program? How long will it take me to complete this program? What are my chances of getting a job when I graduate?


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