Applying for Services

Schedule an appointment with Disability Support Services

  • This initial appointment will last approximately one hour. Be prepared to discuss your disability
  • No accommodation will be provided without this initial meeting
  • Accommodation requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the start of each semester

What should you bring to this meeting?

  1. High School IEP or 504. School plans such as these are useful but may not, in and of themselves, be sufficient documentation to establish the rationale for accommodations
  2. Psycho-educational assessment
  3. Diagnostic documentation from a qualified, licensed professional (medical  doctor,  psychiatrist, psychologist or clinical social worker)

What will be discussed at this meeting?

  1. Complete the Disability Support Services Application
  2. Your disability and how it could impact your academic success
  3. Review accommodation policies & procedures
  4. Develop an accommodation plan based on documented needs
  5. Complete the accommodation request form

Other Important Information:

  • Accommodation requests must be renewed each semester
  • Documentation of a disability is stored separately from academic records and should be submitted directly to the Disability Support Services Office
  • Accommodations are not retroactive
Donella Cooper Donella Cooper
Room 204
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