Dual Enrollment Information

Muskegon Community College participates in the high school dual enrollment program. You will find a checklist below that will make the process easy. The Dual Enrollment Request form must be completed each semester a student is planning to register. The Dual Enrollment Addendum Form is used for adding and dropping classes after registration has occurred.

Once a dual enrolled student has graduated from high school, it will be necessary to fill out a re-admit application to MCC for admission as a traditional college student.

Checklist for students not yet admitted at MCC

1. Meet with your high school counselor

If you are currently a high school student, ALL DUAL ENROLLMENT STARTS WITH YOUR COUNSELOR, you need permission from your school to attend Muskegon Community College classes. Your school counselor will verify which MCC courses work with your current school schedule.

2. Apply to MCC

Apply online to receive a web account and student ID number. Please note: Dual enrolled students are not eligible for financial aid. 

3. Take the Placement Test

If you wish to take the compass test, please call (231) 777-0394.

You may be exempt from portions of the placement test if you meet one of the following requirements:

  1. The writing and reading tests are waived if your ACT score in English, Math and Reading is a 19 or greater, or if you have MME/MEAP scores of 1 or 2 in BOTH reading and writing. SAT score in Reading is 450+, English 450+, and Math 500+. Official copies of these scores must be on file at MCC to waive these tests.
  2.  All test scores will not be accepted if taken over 3 years ago. An official copy of your ACT or SAT score must be on file to waive this test.

**Prospective nursing students cannot use MEAP/MME scores or college credits to waive the reading test.

4. Complete the Dual Enrollment Request Form

The Dual Enrollment Request Form will be picked up and checked by the MCC Enrollment Representative assigned to your school. They will be contacting your high school for pick up dates. If you aren’t sure or have questions call Johnathon Skidmore at (231) 777-0366.  All portions of the form must be complete including MCC Student Id and signed by a guardian or parent, and principal of the high school. In the rare case that a student must change courses after registration, the Dual Enrollment Addendum Form must be completed and mailed back, dropped off in Room 108, faxed to (231) 777-0443, or emailed as a pdf. attachment to johnathon.skidmore@muskegoncc.edu  Click here for the Dual Enrollment Addendum Form.

Once a dual enrolled student graduates from high school and they plan to attend MCC, they need to go online to www.muskegoncc.edu and fill out the re-admit application form for re-admittance as a regular college student.  On the application the student will select a program of study.

5. Schedule a Mandatory Orientation Appointment

Orientation is now mandatory for new students at MCC.  Go online to www.muskegoncc.edu/orientation and schedule an appointment prior to the beginning of the semester you plan to attend classes.

Bring your photo ID to room 108 to have your MCC student ID taken.  (Pictures are taken during orientation and at the times posted on the door).

6. Buy your books

High school students who are dual enrolled should check with their high school counselor to see if the school pays for their  books. Any book needed, can be purchased from the MCC Bookstore.  Some textbooks can be purchased new, used or rented.

7. Start classes

Make sure you know the MCC academic calendar for start dates, holiday breaks, and other important information.

8. After Graduation

If you plan to attend MCC after graduation, please complete another New Student Admission Application.  You need to create another account using a different email address as the Active Campus Login.  Each login account can only create one application.  If you have questions or problems please call the Enrollment Services office at 231-777-0366

For more information, please contact:

Johnathon Skidmore (231) 777-0366 johnathon.skidmore@muskegoncc.edu

Mailing Address:

Johnathon Skidmore Office of Enrollment Services Muskegon Community College 221 S. Quarterline Road Muskegon, MI 49442