IFHR Programs

Both Institute I and Institute II are based on programs developed by the late Nathan Rutstetin in his book, Healing Racism in America, a Prescription for the Disease. Originally an outreach of the Muskegon County Cooperating Churches, Institute classes involve dialogue guided by trained facilitators and enriched by both video and print resources.

Institute I (Basic)—This “Conversation on Race\Healing Racism in America” primarily raises one’s awareness of and about individual racism by revealing its realities. Topics include a definition of racism, what it is like to be a person of color in America, what is it like to be white in America, the impact racism has on everyone in America, and how we can begin to heal racism.

Institute II (Advanced)—This “Conversation on Race\Healing Institutional Racism”explores the issues of institutional racism, how it developed, how it affects our lives and how we can change it. Topics include the hidden rules of power and how we see and analyze issues of power and race in our community institutions. Participation in Institute I is a prerequisite for enrollment in Institute II.

The Institute for Healing Racism is available to the Education, Business, Government, Law Enforcement, Faith and General Community populations for complete sessions or tailored workshops.