Belize Field Studies

Mayan Civilization and Rainforest Ecology

Fall 2015

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ICS 101 BEL / BIOL 101 BEL is an interdisciplinary travel-study course providing students an introduction to international culture and biology through cultural and biological field studies. This hybrid course will contain online and on-campus components and includes a seven-day visit to Belize. Emphasis will be placed on Mayan culture and the tropical rain forests of Belize. The student will study Mayan culture and history as well as Mayan past and current interaction with the rain forest ecosystem.

This course will cover classification of organisms, basic ecological principles, experimental design, field sampling techniques and scientific communication. Specific biology topics emphasized will vary each year. This course will also involve working with local Belizeans, offering MCC students the opportunity to meet people from diverse backgrounds. It is offered in conjunction with the Sibun Educational and Adventure Lodge in Belize.

Students will spend a great portion of each day in the field and should be in good physical condition. Beyond tuition and texts, additional costs include the airfare to Belize, package price for room and board, and spending money while in Belize.

Please return the following STUDENT application for Field Studies in Belize (PDF) by September 1, 2015.  You must register for the course for FALL 2015 semester, but submit your application as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

For more details and pictures, please read the following flyer and tentative itinerary.

See this link for Passport, Medical and Embassy information.

Interested FACULTY members may complete this application by September 1, 2015.

For more information, contact:

Kathy Pollock, Biology instructor at (231-777-0395)
Theresa Van Veelen, Biology instructor at (231-777-0672)
Erin Hoffman, Art instructor at (231-777-0399)