Searching for Books

Books and other materials in the MCC library are arranged using the Library of Congress Classification system. Most colleges and universities use this system and use a catalog to arrange and search for the books and other materials in the library.   Books in the MCC library are found using WebCat, our online catalog.

 The opening screen of WebCat is a brief, Quick Search page.
Here, you may search by:
  • Title:     To search by title, enter the most unique words of the title. To find the book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, you may type in: caged bird sings.
  • Author:      To search by author, enter the author’s last name and first name in any order.
  • Subject:     Searching by subject requires that you use a Library of Congress subject heading.
  • Search Everything   (searches for your words anywhere in the record)  This is the best type of search if you are unsure of the subject heading.
  • Series Title: This is similar to a Title search but allows you to search for all titles in a series, such as the “Time-Life Library of Art” series.

You have three choices of ways to search in Quick Search mode:

  • Keyword (Look for your terms anywhere in the record or field selected)
  • Browse (Alphabetically search or browse headings; like an index.)
  • Exact (Your search must be an exact match. This is seldom used.)

For more details about these, see the Library WebCat introduction page.

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