Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost oversees the areas of Academic Affairs, Student Success, Registrar, Auxiliary Services, Athletics and Financial Services at Muskegon Community College.

Headed by the Provost and Executive Vice President, the office is charged with leading the college-wide focus on student success and completion by providing a quality experience and to exceed expectations for our students and guests.

“Muskegon Community College, dedicated to equity and excellence, prepares students, builds communities, and improves lives”

John Selmon Dr. John Selmon
Provost and Executive Vice President
Contact: (231) 777-0265
Fax: (231) 777-0475
Jason Cooper Jason Cooper
Director of Compliance and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Contact: (231) 777-0690
Fax: (231) 777-0475
Paula Halloran Paula Halloran
Administrative Secretary
Contact: (231) 777-0266
Fax: (231) 777-0475