Online expectations

·       Have Integrity—respect the Honor Code.  Often an uncomfortable subject but a necessary one–don’t attempt cheating.  Believe it or not, it is easier to detect and investigate cheating with an online class.  

Because instructors do not physically see students on a regular basis, they are more inclined to check for and investigate suspicious activities on a regular basis.

·      Check your MCC EMAIL DAILY: — this is how your instructor and the College communicate with you.  Periodically delete old mail (both deleted and junk email folders should be emptied).

·      Check your Blackboard Course for Announcements DAILY.

·      Have a BACKUP PLAN—most instructors have due dates for assignments and quizzes.   If you have a computer problem, it is your responsibility to have a back-up plan.

·      Don’t be a dropout statistic–work on solving any start-up problems with email, Bb logins, course due dates, and computer requirement questions immediately.  Those students who don’t get a head start on the course and fall behind at the beginning are the ones who lose out and often drop the course.

·      Attend class–although virtual, class attendance is important; and your presence in the form of visiting and participating is expected.   Instructors are able to “see” when and how often you are visiting your classroom.

·      Know yourself and your learning style—think about how you approach new learning situations.   Evaluating your own skills and preferences will help you select the type of learning that best fits your learning goals.

·      Pay attention to file formats—when turning in work, make sure you know what file formats are acceptable; your instructor provides you with this information.

·      Do not procrastinate—you may have questions for your instructor—waiting until the last minute to ask for help doesn’t work.