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Political Science

Are you interested in American politics? International affairs? Critical issues such as healthcare, the environment, or civil rights? How power and resources are allocated in society? If so, you should consider studying political science.

Political science students gain a versatile set of skills that can be applied in a wide range of exciting careers -- federal, state, and local government; domestic and international business; journalism; education; law; and electoral politics -- to name just a few.

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 Careers in Political Science

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Name Location MCC Phone# Email
Jay Zarowitz       (homepage) Room 242-A 231-777-0374
Kurt Troutman     (homepage) Room 242-D 231-777-0639
Scott Banninga    (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
Andrew Fink       (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
Andrew Hicks     (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380 
Seth Koehler      (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
Marvin Nash       (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
David Takitaki     (Adjunct)  Room 242 231-777-0380
Bob Wood  (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380