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Instructions for Completing the City of Muskegon Withholding Certificate

City of Muskegon - MW-4

This particular form will have to be printed before you can fill it out.  Once it is completed, return it with the other REQUIRED forms to the Payroll Office, located Room 400K, BEFORE you begin working.


Definitions and please make sure you check the appropriate box for you residency.
  Non-Resident Anyone who does not live within the City of Muskegon's city limits.  
  City Resident Lives within the city limits.  


The form is pretty self-explanatory; however, there are a couple of areas that need some explanation.


Line 3   Predominant Place of Employment
      This area does not have to be completed.  
Line 4   Your Withholding Exceptions
      Please read the CHANGES FOR EXEMPTIONS section at the bottom of the form.  It will explain it a little better for you and if you still find you need assistance, please do not hesitate in asking.