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Gretchen Cline

"Literature is an ice-ax to break open the frozen sea within us." -- Franz Kafka

"It's never too late -- in fiction or Life -- to revise." -- Nancy Thayer

Having taught introductory writing, literature, humanities, women's studies, and creative writing workshops for over twenty years, Gretchen Cline joined the MCC faculty as a member of the English / Communications Department in autumn 1997. At MCC Gretchen teaches Introduction to Women's Studies (WS 101), Freshman Composition (ENG 091 and 101), Literature and Composition (ENG 102), Advanced Narrative Writing (ENG 221), and American Literature II (ENG 226), as well as yoga for college credit (PEA 100). When asked about her teaching style, Gretchen replied:

"My hope is that it's active and alive and the students feel engaged, as they connect their learning to their personal experiences, creativity, and thinking . . . I strive to create a classroom atmosphere for learning -- thinking, reading, and writing -- as a risk-taking activity, rather than a passive information-gathering one."

In addition to teaching writing, Gretchen spends her summers painting colorful portraits and narrative paintings and teaching yoga classes.

(B.A. English, Kenyon College; M.A., Ph.D. English, Ohio State University.)

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