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Mike Johnson - Department Chair

Mike Johnson has been a full-time instructor at Muskegon Community College for ten years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a minor in History, from Michigan State University; a Master’s Degree in Medieval Studies from the Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University; and completed 4 years of doctoral study in English at Saint Louis University. He currently teaches English 101 and 102 – English Composition; English 200 and 201 – Literature of Western Civilization I and II; English 211 – World Mythology; English 218 – Popular Literary Genres in Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction; and English 227 – British Literature I.  He also occasionally teaches English 208/Communications 203 – Introduction to Cinema. 

Mike’s interests include literature, film, cooking, ecology, and the environment. Mike lives in Grand Haven with his wife, Jennifer, and his 4 year old son, Malcolm Cael. Stop by his office anytime to discuss writing, literature, and life.  

 Contact Information

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Fax:     231.777.0440 (Physical Plant)   
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