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Student 24-hour Support Available
Toll Free 866.718.5170

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For Blackboard and other Instructional Design support, Contact the Instructional Design Specialist at 231-777-0214

Faculty Support Available on other topics (such as MS Office, network, etc)
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4: 30 PM
Monday - Thursday  5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Blackboard User Manuals can be found as follows:
For Students - go to Help/Orientation in any Blackboard course, click Blackboard Help
For Faculty - go to Help found under the Course Management section in any Blackboard course, click Blackboard Help
These manuals have tables of content and are keyword searchable by clicking SEARCH
For those who are interested in help with Blackboard 9.1, please follow these links:
For Instructors: Blackboard Help for Instructors
For Students: Blackboard Help for Students

Blackboard Login Format

Student Guide to Blackboard [document opens in a new window]

Guide to Distance Education at MCC [document opens in a new window]

Faculty, Staff & Student Blackboard login format is the SAME as the MCC network account.

To maximize your Blackboard experience:
If IE7 is installed on your computer, below are instructions to configure the browser to work better with Blackboard.
Log in to Blackboard.
1. In the lower right (on the status bar) it will say "Internet". Double click "Internet"
2. Change to "Trusted Site"
3. Click "Sites" button
4. Click "Add" to add the blackboard server to trusted sites (and take checkmark out of require https verification)
5. Click Close and OK.
Results: The browser is now configured to operate correctly with the Visual Text Box Editor.

Also, it is recommended that you install the latest version of Java available by clicking here.