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What are an Instructor's Expectations of Online Students?


The following requirements are recommended for optimal success as an online student.   Please note that some courses may have more specific requirements.  At the College, most instructors teaching from campus have Windows XP (or higher) operating software and MS Office XP (or higher) software.   Most instructors require students to use MS Word or a compatible software.  If you are using Office 2007, you may be required to use the "Save as type" drop down to save as an earlier version of MS. 

What are the hardware requirements for an Online Class?

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

·      Pentium Computer

·      at least 512 MB RAM (memory)

·      at least 133 MHz processor

·      Sound card

·      CD ROM drive

·      at least 28.8 k bps modem

·      at least Windows 98 or higher

Note:  Dial-up service may inhibit your ability to access some class materials—dependent upon the tools used by the instructor.

What are the software requirements for an Online Class?

Minimum Software Requirements:

·      Internet connection (ISP) and Browser (Internet Explorer 6 or above)

·      Microsoft Word XP or above

·      Microsoft Excel (some courses)

·      Real Player*

·      Adobe Acrobat Reader*

·      Macromedia Flash and Shockwave*

·      PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer

*Plug Ins and Other Useful Software that may be required in certain classes

What personal skills should I have to be a successful Online Student?

You should be:

·      Self-motivated

·      A good reader

·      Comfortable communicating in writing

·      Self-disciplined

·      Efficient in time management

How much time should I devote to My Online Class?

Time Management is a huge factor in online success:

·      Block out time to do your online class.

·      Establish a regular class time to keep just like attending a campus class.

·      Remember, you should be reserving the time equivalent to that time you would spend in class plus the study time outside of class.

·      ALWAYS, start on your work early in case of a computer problem—don’t wait until the last minute.

What computer skills should I have to be a successful Online Student?*

You should be able to do all of the following:

·      Send and receive email using MCC's email account

·      Send attachments with an email

·      View, save, and print attachments to an email

·      Download files, if necessary

·      Upload files, if necessary (for example, to the Digital Dropbox or Assignment window)

·      Navigate the web using basic browser methods

·      Post and reply to discussion threads

·      Use basic word processing skills

·      Save in different file formats (such as .rtf)

*It is strongly recommended that students enroll in CIS 100, Introduction to Personal Computers, before registering for an online class.  This course provides students with the technical skills described above as well as Blackboard training.
In addition to Computer Skills, students are expected to apply Email Etiquette:

The majority of online students and instructors use email to communicate.  Please keep these universal netiquette policies in mind:

·      Follow the specific instructor's directions regarding subject lines and attachments.

·      Write complete sentences when sending an email message.

·      Don't use all CAPITAL LETTERS.

·      Check your spelling.

·      Be courteous, and never use offensive language.

·      Sign your email messages.

·      Be careful what you include in your messages; sometimes email can be delivered to the wrong person.

·      Double check your humor and tone before hitting the "Send" button.

How can I evaluate my personal and computer skills for qualifications?

·      Visit and take the self-assessment quiz.

·      Visit a counselor.