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Parking at MCC

Parking is a continual challenge on the MCC Campus and will be an even greater challenge with the record enrollments MCC has had of late.  We are working to help the MCC community in many ways, including the increased demands a growing student body places on parking.

Historically the first two weeks of classes are chaotic with veteran and new-to-campus students vying for the most convenient parking spots.  Rest assured, there are an adequate number of parking spaces on the MCC Campus.

The parking map clearly shows the available parking on the MCC Campus. You are encouraged to ride share with friends whenever possible.  This will not only save you the “hunt” for that perfect parking spot, but will save money in gas and wear and tear on the vehicle left at home.  And, it's good for our environment.

An additional option is riding the Muskegon Area Transit System (MATS) bus.  Muskegon Community College is on the regular APPLE #1 route. Check out all of the MATS Routes .