Having Problems Getting Into the Databases from Off Campus? 

These are the Most Common Causes of Difficulties

MCC Network username and password - If you are a currently enrolled student, your username is: firstname.lastname. Your password, if you have not changed it, is the initials of your first and last name, then your student number, then an exclamation mark. For example, if John Smith’s student number is 0000000, then his password would be: js0000000!    If you are unsure of your username or student number, check . If you need to reset your password, go to . If you are unable to resolve your password/login issues, call the 24/7 help desk for students: 866-718-5170.
Databases from OFF CAMPUS vs ON CAMPUS access - To access the databases when you are off-campus, you must use the “Off Campus Database Access” or "Digital Books from Off Campus" pages.   When using the links to the databases from the off campus pages, you only need to use your MCC network login to gain access to the databases. 
Cookies - Our proxy server requires that your computer accepts cookies. Check your settings if you experience problems using any of the library's databases:
In Internet Explorer, go to
Tools=> Internet Options => Security
Medium security enables cookies.
In Mozilla Firefox, go to
Tools => Options => Privacy => Cookies
Check "Accept cookies from sites"
In Netscape, go to
Edit => Preferences => Advanced
See the text box on the right for the section on cookies.
Javascript - Javascript is necessary for many sites to work properly. To toggle Javascript on:
In Internet Explorer, go to
Tools => Internet Options => Security => Custom Level
Medium security (the default) enables Javascript.
In Mozilla Firefox, go to
Tools => Options => Content
Check "enable JavaScript" 
In Netscape, go to
Edit => Preferences=> Advanced, and look on the right for Javascript.
Firewalls  - If you have a firewall, it is possible that it is preventing access. One common problem is related to the ports to which your computer is allowed to connect. If you are at a workplace, check with your computer security personnel to see whether the ports to which you have outgoing access have been restricted. Otherwise, check your own firewall software. It should have settings where you can open and close specific ports. Routers may also have a firewall built in, and you may need to look at the documentation for your specific router.  To use the library's databases, you need to allow outbound access to port 2443 or 2048.  
Proxies - The library uses a proxy server to authenticate and allow current students, faculty, and staff access to its databases from off campus. If the computer you are using from off campus is also running a proxy server, it can interfere with the library's proxy server. A good way to test connection problems with the library databases is to first verify that you can connect to the library's proxy server. To do this, connect to and enter your MCC username and password.  
If you get a "page can not be displayed message" and you are at work, you should consult with your network administrator. If the appropriate ports have been opened in the organization's firewall, then there may be a competing proxy server in use at your site. The network staff will have to help you select the right settings so the two proxy servers are not in conflict with each other. 
In Internet Explorer, use
tools =>Internet options  =>connections tab =>LAN settings to check for proxy settings.
In FireFox, use
tools =>options =>advanced =>network tab =>settings button to check for proxy settings. Consult your network staff before changing these settings.
If you are still unable to login through the proxy server, contact the MCC library ( or 231-777-0326) and ask for a password sheet for direct access into the available databases. Note that not all databases are available via direct access. If you are unable to resolve your issues and are unable to contact the MCC library, try for alternative databases.
October 28, 2009