Adjunct Instructor Opportunities

Adjunct Instructors:  Muskegon Community College will accept all applications for Adjunct Employment. The Human Resources Office will  maintain a database and retain applications for up to three years. If an applicant remains interested in adjunct teaching opportunities beyond the three-year period, the applicant may express that interest by sending an updated cover letter and resume to the Human Resources Office.


Recruitment Type


Hours Needed


College Success Center Instructor for Reading, Writing, and Math   Active  As Needed   On Campus
 Accounting   Active   As Needed   On Campus
 Human Resource Management  Pool   As Needed   On Campus
 Nursing   Active   As Needed   On Campus
Art History  Pool Days and Evenings

NCRESA, 4747 W. 48th Street, Fremont, MI  49412

General Business  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus
Anatomy and Physiology  Pool  Days NCRESA, 4747 W. 48th Street,  Fremeont, MI  49412
General Biology  Pool Days and Evenings On Campus & Internet
Anthropology  Pool  Days/Evenings  On/Off Campus 
Health  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus
Librarian  Pool  Varies  On Campus
Humanities  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus
Chemistry  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus
Psychology  Pool  Days and Evenings  On/Off Campus
Mathematics  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus
 Biology - Flowering Plants  Pool  Days and Evenings  On Campus/Fremont
Business Com/Management/Human Relations  Pool Days and Evenings On Campus
English Composition  Pool Days and Evenings On Campus
English - NCRESA  Pool Days and Evenings Fremont - NCRESA
OSE Lab  Pool Evenings On Campus
Respiratory Therapy  Pool   On Campus
Retail Instructor Sociology  Pool  

On Campus

Sociology  Pool Evenings On Campus/Off Campus
History  Pool Days/Evenings On Campus/Off Campus
French Instructor  Pool   On Campus
German Instructor  Pool   On Campus
Spanish Instructor  Pool Days and Evenings On Campus
American Sign Language  Pool   On Campus
Aerobics Instructor  Pool   On Campus
Instructional Education Paraprofessional  Pool Days and Evenings On Campus / Off Campus
 Health Adjunct Instructor  Active  As needed  On Campus