Office of Information Technology

OIT Forms

Listed below are forms commonly used by the Office of Information Technology. Because these forms require signatures, they must be printed. To submit the forms you can either send them to the Office of Information Technology via interoffice mail or scan and email them to

If you need assistance completing any of these forms, please contact the Faculty and Staff Helpdesk at extension 351 or by email at

Cabling Installation Request Form (CIRF) This form is used to request the installation of cabling, network data ports, or multimedia connections.
Colleague Account Setup Form (CASF) This application should be used to request new Colleague accounts, request additional access, or to request that an account be disabled.
Colleague Security Class Setup (CSCF) This form can be used to make adjustment to a Colleague Security Class setup.
Computer Equipment Request Form (CERF) Use this form to request new hardware (including computers, printers, and peripherals), new software, or software upgrades. For more information, view the how to document.
Lab Change Request Form (LCRF) This form is used to request hardware or software changes to academic computer labs. To view the policy regarding academic computer lab changes, click here.
Storage Request Form (SRF) This form can be used to request an increase in the size limit of an email box, home (H:) drive, department share, or BlackBoard course.
Temporary Network Access Form (TNAF) This form must be used to request temporary network access. To view the policy regarding temporary network access, click here.