Office of Information Technology

Computer Labs

The Office of Information Technology maintains over 50 computer labs that support a vast array of functionality from Office Systems Education to 3D Computer Aided Drafting. Please visit the pages below to view detailed information about these labs.

Computer Lab Information

To see a list of the tools we use to keep our labs running, please click here.

If you are interested in knowing what we change in the Windows operating system when we setup lab computers, click here to see a list of our customizations.


 Open Labs

Open computer labs are provided for student and public use to complete homework, do research, and for personal use. For more information on how the computers in these labs are to be used, please visit our Policy Catalog.

L163 - Information Literacy Lab
L165 - Library Research Area
L263 - Information Commons Overflow Lab
L265 - Information Commons


Semi-Open Labs

Semi-open computer labs are open to students who are enrolled in specific courses or programs. The use of these labs should be limited to work related to the course or program associated with the lab.

103 - Student Life
104 - Student One Stop
260 - Office Systems Education
401 - College Success Center
500 - Industrial Technologies Lab


Classroom Labs with Open Lab Periods

Certain classroom labs allow students to use the computers during non-class periods as scheduled by the instructor. These are generally labs that contain specialized hardware or software that is not available elsewhere on campus.

244 Computer Aided Drafting
244-1 Computer Aided Drafting
506 - Machine Technology Lab
514 - Electronics Lab
1131 - Graphics Lab


Classroom Computer Labs

Classroom labs are used only for classroom purposes and are not open to students or the public outside of scheduled class times. Please click here to see a list of these labs and what kinds of technology they have in them.