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MCC Sets Sights on Second World Record Friday Night

Monday, September 23, 2013

When “Short Circuit,” Muskegon Community College’s  electric dragster takes to the US131 Motorsports Park track in Martin, Mich. on Friday night, the refitted vehicle will be packing more power in its attempt to set a second world record in as many years.

The sleek racer, which established the 48-volt DR/I world mark in 2012, has moved up to the faster DR/C class.

“We have 60 New CALB lithium iron phosphate batteries in a series battery pack measuring 216 volts with approximately 1200 amps, a new Manzanita Micro battery management system, a new 7.5-inch General Electric motor from our sponsor Lawless Industries, and chassis modifications to fit all this new equipment,” explained MCC Instructor Al Thomas, who heads the MCC Automotive Technology Department.

Quick and Dirty," owned by Dave Cloud and driven by Steve Nash , owns the current record in the DR/C 192 volt class having clocked 12.442 seconds @ 101.9 miles-per-hour.  MCC’s Thomas is confident his Motorsports Club team, which includes MCC Applied Technology students, can shatter that mark.

“The car should cover the standing 1/4 mile in less than 12 seconds at over 105 miles an hour,” said Thomas, who serves as the team manager and technical specialist. “We are fortunate to have a ‘Hot Shoe’ (car driver) in our college instructional team.”

Automotive Tech adjunct faculty member Jeff Montella will drive “Short Circuit.” Other team members include:  Crew Chief - Adjunct faculty welding member and MCC alumnus Ryan Lubbers; Crew Drive Specialist – MCC student John Broadbent; Crew Chassis Specialist – MCC student- Lukus Vandever; and three crew members – MCC engineer Alumnus David McLeod; and a pair of MCC students and  alumni - Jed Kuepfer and Tyler Tidswell.

For more information on Short Circuit, contact Al Thomas at (231) 777-0338.