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World Record for MCC's Electric Dragster

Monday, October 28, 2013

Jeff Montella, Al Thomas, Lukus Vandever, Ryan Lubbers and Darin GilbertMuskegon Community College’s electric dragster, “Short Circuit” set a new world record in the DR/C 192 volt class on Friday night at Milan Dragway in Milan, Mich.

With MCC adjunct instructor Jeff Montella behind the wheel, the sleek college vehicle posted times of 12.36 seconds and 12.04 seconds at 109 mph across the slippery track located outside Detroit. The previous record of 12.442 seconds at 101 mph was set 10 years ago by Steve Nash’s car, “Quick and Dirty” driven by Dave Cloud at the Woodburn Nationals in Woodburn, Oregon.

Getting ready for the second run and the record“The official record will be the slower time of 12.36 seconds,” said MCC Automotive Instructor and Team Manager Al Thomas, who made the decision to travel across state after the local tracks closed for the season. “Traction was a problem with both runs as the tires spun for the first 60 feet.”

In addition to Thomas and Montella, the MCC winning team consisted of Crew Chief Ryan Lubbers, Chassis Specialist Lukus Vandever, Technical Specialist Darin Gilbert and Team Photographer Deb Greenlee.