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Jennifer Lance Receives Nielsen Scholarship

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jennifer Lance of Holton, Mich., has received an MCC Faculty Association Nielsen Scholarship. She will receive a $200 voucher to the MCC Bookstore. 

“I love Muskegon Community College’s smaller campus. The fact that everything is nearby makes it much easier for me to get to class on time,” said Lance, who’s eyeing a field dealing with social concerns and human rights issues. 

She praises the learning environment enhanced by MCC’s small class sizes. 

“I get to know my fellow students and the teachers. Both the staff and teachers at Muskegon Community College are very professional and approachable. I know that my concerns are very important to them and that they have been a great help in inspiring me to continue my education. I feel very fortunate that I have chosen to attend Muskegon Community College.” 

Lance, who admittedly “loves to learn,” plans to graduate with a 4.0 GPA and to use the skills acquired at MCC to help others. 

“I hope that I will be able to achieve my goals, but I have had a difficult time making ends meet,” she noted. “I grew up below the poverty line, which taught me to be resourceful and determined to succeed at a young age. My parents always taught me to make the most with what I have. I have never thought of myself as poor, but I worry about not being able to afford the expensive textbooks that each class needs. With the Nielsen Scholarship, I will be able to use the money I receive to buy textbooks and school supplies.”