Student Services


Guidelines for Successful Tutoring



1.    Tutor and student will always notify each other when missing or late to an appointment.

2.    Student will attend class and participate regularly.

3.    Student will help with their success by doing the following before a tutoring session:

a.    Bring Books

b.    Take notes in class

c.    Attempt homework

d.    Bring specific questions for the tutor

4.    Student will have a desire to improve.

5.    Behavior problems may result in termination of tutoring services.

6.    Each session is for the same time each week unless otherwise arranged with your tutor.

7.    All tutoring MUST take place in a public setting.

8.    Student will notify tutor and the Tutoring Center in the event of dropping the class.

9.    We will do our best to accommodate all requests. You may be placed in a session with more than one student in the same course.

10. Tutor and student will check and respond to college email daily.

11. The Tutoring Center will contact the student’s instructor regarding attitude, participation, and attendance.

12. Tutor will be friendly and show patience toward student.

After two missed appointments or not meeting the other expectations listed above, the MCC Tutoring Center reserves the right to terminate tutoring services.