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Sustainability Initiatives

1. Establish future goals under environmental, social, and economic contexts.
2. Create and support a culture of sustainability.
3. Become a community resource (e.g., MCC viewed as a living laboratory).
4. Seek and provide funding for future initiatives. 

The present initiative is to introduce uniform, quad-bin recycling stations campus wide. The task force has acquired five initial Busch Wastewatcher quad-bin stations for high traffic areas. The MCC Maintenance Department purchased one station with an accompanying dolly as a trial run. Private funds were subsequently raised for the other four quads, including a generous donation from the MCC Student Government. They have been well received. The four bin stations accept 1) clean paper, 2) plastic/glass/metal, 3) compost, and 4) waste.

Funding is needed for approximately 40 bins. Each quad-bin station costs $349. A dolly for transportation to temporary events costs $180. Donations of any amount toward this cause are needed and very welcome. The task force is applying for a 2013 Keep America Beautiful Grant for recycling bins.

Recycling saves natural resources and the energy required to harvest natural resources. Recycling allows valuable materials to be reused. Items recycled at MCC are: clean paper, cardboard, glass, plastics 1-7, metals, returnable bottles and cans, and compostables including food scraps, napkins, hand towels, compostable materials. Electronics, batteries, ink pens and ink cartridges are also recycled.

Everyone is encouraged to buy only what is necessary. Reuse whenever possible. Reduce consumption by using less. Recycle materials to realize maximum value without waste. Altogether we are trying to reduce: natural resources use, budget costs, global carbon emissions, and landfill waste. Every such effort reflects respect for the Earth and all life.

January 2, 2012 – December 31, 2012
Recycling with Waste Management

Yards recycled: 832
Tons recycled: 20.8
Landfill airspace saved, cubic yards: 79
Number of mature trees saved: 212
Gallons of water saved: 123,760
Kw-Hr of electricity saved: 106,212

2011 Total solid waste yards: 3,952
2012 Total solid waste yards: 3,224
Reduction in solid waste 2011 vs 2012: 19%
Total yards recycled 2012: 832
Recycle diversion rate 2012: 21%

Savings per month with office recycling: $109
Annual savings with office recycling: $1,308.

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) envisions a prosperous, equitable, and ecologically healthy world. In such a world, higher education plays a vital role in ensuring that people have an understanding of the interdependencies between environmental, social, and economic forces and the skills and abilities to meet sustainability challenges.

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