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Assessment at MCC


To promote and coordinate meaningful assessment practices at Muskegon Community College that will improve student learning.  


Our community college will engage in meaningful assessment practices to improve student learning.

Assessment Committee Members

Erin Hoffman Arts and Humanities
Darren Mattone Life Science
Jessica Graf  HPER
Andy Wible Arts and Humanities
Ed Breitenbach Academic Affairs
Jeff Johnston Manufacturing Technology
Dave Wiggins Math / Science
Mike Myers Institutional Research
Papa N'Jai  Social Science

 Draft Timeline of MCC Assessment
History of Assessment at Muskegon Community College


 Assessment Committee Meeting minutes

February 2011
March 2011
April 2011
June 9 2011
June 30 2011
July 28 2011
September 1 2011
October 6 2011
November 3 2011 
December 1 2011
February 9, 2012
March 8, 2012
April 12, 2012
May 17, 2012
August 20, 2012
September 20, 2012
October 18, 2012
December 12, 2012
January 31, 2013 
March 28, 2013
April 25, 2013
May 23, 2013
August 20, 2013
September 26, 2013





New General Education Core Outcomes



Knowledge and application of written and verbal communication competencies using college level information literacy skills

Problem Solving and Technology

Knowledge and problem solving skills using logical, mathematical, and scientific reasoning as well as technological resources

Ethical Reasoning and Creativity

Knowledge and application of creativity in the arts as well as knowledge of, and the ability to critically examine ethical values, principles, and issues.

Personal, Social, and Cultural Awareness

Knowledge and life skills required of an effective member of a diverse and global community


Assessment Committee Updates

• Meetings are held once a month.
• Assessment committee members are encouraged to give regular updates at department meetings.