Office of Information Technology

Message from the CIO – April 2011

An Update on Technology Strategic Planning

At the end of last year, Muskegon Community College began a technology strategic planning process to complement MCC’s Institutional Strategic Plan.  The technology strategic plan is meant to be cross-functional; that is, not limited to the OIT department, but rather focused on technology as a whole at the college.  The focus is broad based and not limited to specific technologies or products.  People from many different areas have been encouraged to participate.  Because of the emphasis on solving problems rather than specific technology, this allows for a diverse group to provide input.

After identifying the initial participants, the core technology strategic planning team met to examine and explore the issues facing the college today, including:

·         The current role of the technical environment across the college and in the classrooms;

·         The current state, use, and perceptions of technology tools and services at the college;

·         A future vision of the role of technology for all campus stakeholders;

·         A future vision of what the college must do to successfully make the transition to achieve the vision. 

MCC’s Technology Strategic Plan and its implementation strategy are emerging from the following planning elements:

1.                   Establishing a Technology Mission, Vision, and Values.

2.                   Creating a “future state” vision of how the use of technology, in its broadest definition, and how it will become a strategic component of success in support of the college’s vision, mission, and goals.

3.                   Analyzing the current technology environment and context in which the Technology Strategic Plan is being developed. This analysis includes developing a current technology state framework, planning assumptions, environmental review, focus groups and a SWOT/C (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats/Challenges) analysis.

4.                   Developing goals and objectives, aligned with the college’s current vision, mission, and goals, to enable the college to advance toward its desired “future state” in accordance with the Technology Values, and transform this vision into reality.

5.                   Establishing an implementation grid that will facilitate the execution of the Technology Strategic Plan.

Presently, the technology strategic plan is in draft form, and tactical objectives are in their ninth revision as input is collected from many different areas, including tactical planning participants identified in the planning process, Cabinet & Extended Cabinet, Department Chairs, and the Information Technology Council.   I am confident that this level of participation, coupled with the dedication of those participating, will result in a technology strategic plan that will truly align with the college’s institutional goals and help us to achieve our shared vision for greater success.

Mike Alstrom

Chief Information Officer

Muskegon Community College