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Near the end of 2010, MCC determined that in order to successfully promote biofuels applied research and education, they would need to increase their analytical capabilities. The president and MCC board of trustees recognized the importance of working with industry to promote and foster relationships not only with our students, but with the community as well. Based on their belief in the project, approximately $50,000 was awarded to equip the lab for biofuels testing.

In 2011, MCC was the recipient of a State of Michigan DELEG grant to continue further outfitting of the lab with biological equipment to support anaerobic digesting processes. This grant, along with a significant and generous gift of laboratory equipment by Don Nelson of Airmaster Systems, has given MCC the capability to provide analytical testing for biofuels. These include but are not limited to…

Gas Chromatography
TKN Analysis
Incubation and culture of anaerobic microbes
Biological Oxygen Demand
Chemical Oxygen Demand
Dissolve Oxygen
Total Solids
Volatile Solids
Biodiesel analysis
Atomic Absorption (donated by Trace Analytical and GVSU MAREC)

Muskegon Community College is very interested in helping you get started with your own biofuels process. For more information please contact Greg Marczak at or Debra Howell at