Academic Affairs Office


From the beginning, the goal of the SCEL has been to advance and share the knowledge regarding biofuels processes. As such, while MCC coordinates many of the activities in the SCEL, we are very open to other institutions using our center for their research. Supported by the vision of Scott Erdman, MCC is looking for partnerships with other institutions, agriculture, or industrial partners to make West Michigan an alternative energy power house.

MCC’s current partnerships and developing partnerships:

Muskegon Area Intermediate School District – (Dave Krebbs, Elizabeth Wilkenberg, REAL Science). MCC is proud to work with the MAISD to provide additional support for all K-12 instructors in the West Michigan Area. The MAISD’s math and science program demonstrates a high degree of success in teaching our K-12 students about a wide variety of STEM subjects. The MAISD’s award winning REAL science program is a great way for students to learn instrumentation hands on and the SCEL hopes to compliment this program.

Western Michigan University - (Dr. Meade, Steve Svrista). WMU did a significant energy study for the SCEL project in 2010. This project provided a good overview of the types of energy available from the crops that could be produced on the land. This study has allowed us to focus on areas of first concern and to maximize the potential for a sustainable renewable energy park.

GVSU-MAREC - (Arn Boezaart, Kim Walton) Grand Valley State University’s Michigan Alternative Renewable Energy Center has been instrumental in providing connections to help the SCEL lab become operational. The MAREC also is a conduit for providing community education in biofuels.

Airmaster Systems – (Don Nelson, President of Airmaster Systems) Airmaster Systems has provided significant laboratory air handling equipment so that MCC can get students into the lab. This equipment was crucial to the successful launch of the SCEL lab and because of it, applied research has begun in interest the summer of 2011.

Michigan State University ADREC Center - (Dana Kirk, Dr. Safferman) MCC and ADREC have entered into a working relationship to share information and to collaborate for grant opportunities for bio-refinery’s in Michigan. MSU’s strong research capabilities can be translated to the SCEL lab, where that research can be applied to produce and demonstrate sustainable biofuels processes.