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HPER Class Pictures

PEA 101A - Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition


Members of Jessica Graf's PEA 101A class had the option of participating in the Grand Haven Rotary 5K on February 11, 2012. 

Participants included:  (Left to Right) Terresa Kragt, Erika Alvarado, Erin Wolff, Jessica Pike, Nicholas Griswold, Mikela Lopez.  Not Pictured:  Ashley Robinson, Shauna Fraley, Teresa Royce, Robert Munro, Devon Joslin, Lucas Johnson, Kayla Ingell, Juliana Alvarado, Rosemary Zink, Eli Fox, Erin Patrick.

PEA 110/210 - American Karate


PEA 104A - Walking, Jogging & Conditioning



PEA 106 - Leisure Games



 PEA 108 - Bowling



PEA  139A - Basic Canoeing/Kayaking

PEA 156 - Beach Volleyball