Brief History of Kasey Hartz Natural Area

  • College Instructor, Kasey Hartz, began to establish the natural area shortly after the campus property was purchased in 1963.
  • Ecology class of 1967 began to construct the nature trail and the following year a tour was attended by the College Board of Trustees.
  • The natural area was officially established on April 20, 1970 by the Board of Trustees.
  • The approximately 10 acre area and trails were dedicated as the Kasey Hartz Natural Area on May 4, 1974.
  • The Michigan Natural Areas Council recognized the area as a natural area preserve in 1979. (Crispen, S. 1980. Natural Area Preserves in Michigan. The Michigan Botanist.)
  • In 1991, the State of Michigan granted monies to develop the concrete barrier-free access to the first 600 feet of the trail and other upgrades such as the entrance sign.
  • With legacy funds from Mary Kasey Hartz, new boardwalks and stairways were constructed in 2003.
  • Between 2007 and 2009, the natural area was officially delineated as 15.07 acres and recognized by the Board of Trustees.