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Music Performance Entrepreneur

Creative & Performing Arts Department

This degree program provides the foundation skills for the performance musician to operate, promote, manage, and stage a musical act in the professional music world. Make Music Performance your business Everyone seeking this degree makes music and participates in ensembles of their own choosing. Students have the option of specializing in one instrument or broadening their instrumental repertoire through the study of multiple instruments. To put their own music performances into proper perspective, students are asked to explore music literature and music theory. They also gain hands-on experience with the technology and software professionals use for business communication, accounting and finance functions associated with money making enterprises. People completing this degree are exposed to music career options and common business practices, along with the challenges and joys of being a musical artist.

MU 100 Introduction to Music Theory or MU 102 Music Theory* 3
MU 101 Music Theory 3
MU 103 Introduction to Music Literature 3
MU 190A or MU 190B Class Piano 2
MU 194 Sight-Reading and Ear Training 1
Any MU Performance/Ensemble courses 4
MU 240 Professional Practices in Music 3
Applied Music Options (select only one of the following 3 options)  
  Option 1:  
Any 2 course sequence with a primary instrument from MU 148 to MU 189 and any 2 course sequence with an advanced instrument from MU 248 to MU 289 8
  Option 2:  
Any 2 course sequence with a primary instrument from MU 148 to MU 189 and any 4 courses with a secondary instrument from MU 127 to MU 147 8
  Option 3:  
Any 8 courses with a secondary instrument from MU 127 to MU 147 8
Electives can be any MU course not taken above 3
Total  30
BUS 131 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 1
BUS 104 Accounting For Business Owners 3
BUS 161A Effective Selling or BUS/CIS 220 E-Business 3
BUS 230 Entrepreneurial Planning 3
BUS 240 Entrepreneurship Capstone 3
Total  13
BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communications 3
BCOM 102 Advanced Business and Technical Communications 3
BUS 126 Business Math or MATH 115/BUS 105 Probability and Statistics 3
COM 101 Oral Communications or BUS 127 Human Relations 3
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
PHIL 205 Business Ethics 3
PEA 101A, PEA 103, PEA 104A, PEA 118, or PEA 201 1
HE 110 Industrial Safety and Workplace Training or any PEA Physical Education or any DNC Dance 1
Total  20
*If taking MU 102, choose MU 191A and MU 195 as MU electives