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Personal Computer Maintenance Entrepreneur

Applied Technology Department

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This degree program will provide students with foundation skills and knowledge to own and operate a computer repair and maintenance business. Students will gain the skills to analyze, repair and maintain computer and computer networked systems. They do this by understanding basic electronic circuit principles, analyzing the fundamentals of semi conductor circuit devices and by being able to examine circuits used in digital and analog communication systems. This knowledge is brought together by utilizing market evaluation techniques to understand trends in the marketplace to keep the business competitive. Students also learn the procedures and techniques to run the day to day operation of the business. In addition, they employ database management, accounting procedures and business communication to analyze profit and loss statements and trend analysis. As a result, students apply business ethics to implement and execute a successful plan.

ELTR 101 Electronic Basics 4
ELTR 102A Active Devices and Circuit Analysis 4
ELTR 109 or CIS 109 Personal Computer Maintenance 2
ELTR 112 Digital Electronics 3
ELTR 201A Communications (Principles and Servicing) 4
ELTR 209 or CIS 209 Personal Computer Maintenance II 3
CIS 143 Introduction to Local Area Networks 3
CIS 183 Networking Technologies 3
TECH 290CI Cooperative Internship 3
Total  29 
BUS 131 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 1
BUS 104 Accounting For Business Owners 3
BUS 161A Effective Selling or BUS/CIS 220 E-Business 3
BUS 230 Entrepreneurial Planning 3
BUS 240 Entrepreneurship Capstone 3
Total  13
BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communications 3
BCOM 102 Advanced Business and Technical Communications 3
ELTR 111 Electronic Mathematics 5
COM 101 Oral Communications or BUS 127 Human Relations 3
AMT 129 Intro to Technology 3
PHIL 205 Business Ethics 3
PEA 101A, PEA 103, PEA 104A, PEA 118, or PEA 201 1
HE 110 Industrial Safety and Workplace Training 1
Total  22