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Web Game Development Entrepreneur

Business Department

This degree program provides students with the foundation skills to own and operate a web-based game development business. Create Web-based games as a businessStudents acquire the skills to create web-based entertainment offerings, to effectively utilize programming and game scripting skills, to design and normalize databases, to implement server-side scripts, to employ graphic design in the creation of the user interface, and to apply principles of game development. Students learn how to utilize market analysis techniques to understand the various trends in the marketplace in order to create a successful offering. In addition, they learn how run the day-to-day operation of the business by employing database management procedures, using accounting procedures, professional business communication, analyzing profit and loss statements, applying business ethics, and creating and executing a business plan.

CIS 124 Introduction to Game Development 3
CIS 153AW Introduction to Database Management 1
CIS 162 Visual C# Programming or CIS 185 C Programming 3
CIS 167FL Introduction to Internet Animation using Flash 1
CIS 244 Game Scripting 3
CIS 253A Database Design and Implementation 3
CIS 257 Designing Internet Applications 3
CIS 267ASP Web Programming or CIS 267PHP Web Programming 3
CIS 284 Interactive Media and Game Design 3
GRD 120 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
ART 198 Art History I, TH 102 Introduction to Acting I, COM 102 Mass Media or BUS 290CI Cooperative Internship Program 3
Total  29
BUS 131 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 1
BUS 104 Accounting For Business Owners 3
BUS 161A Effective Selling or BUS/CIS 220 E-Business 3
BUS 230 Entrepreneurial Planning 3
BUS 240 Entrepreneurship Capstone 3
Total  13
BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communications 3
BCOM 102 Advanced Business and Technical Communications 3
MATH 115/BUS 105 Statistics or higher level MATH course 3
COM 101 Oral Communications or BUS 127 Human Relations 3
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
PHIL 205 Business Ethics 3
PEA 101A, PEA 103, PEA 104A, PEA 118, or PEA 201 1
HE 110 Industrial Safety and Workplace Training or any PEA Physical Education or any DNC Dance course 1
Total  20