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Create Websites as a business (image program provides students with foundational skills required to own and operate a Website development business. This includes understanding the features and opportunities of doing business on the Internet and by examining how e-business strategies differ from those of traditional land-only-based businesses. Students will employ professional design principles in the development of effective and user-friendly websites using xhtml and cascading style sheets. Students acquire the skills required to write error-free computer programs and server-side scripts, to design and normalize databases, as well as create and integrate multi-media applications using sound, video and animation. The degree is wrapped around learning fundamental day-to-day business skills including implementing a business plan, client management, professional business communication, accounting and finance functions. Students completing this program understand the challenges involved with establishing a new business, keeping it financially sound and solving issues faced by new businesses.

CIS 153AW Introduction to Database Management 1
CIS 162 Visual C# Programming or CIS 185 C programming 3
CIS 177 Introduction to HTML editors 1
CIS 187 Multimedia Digitizing 3
CIS 217 Introduction to JavaScript Programming 1
CIS 253A Database Design and Implementation using SQL 3
CIS 257 Designing Internet Applications using xhtml 3
CIS 267ASP Web Programming or CIS 267PHP Web Programming 3
CIS 287 Personal Computer Digital Video Editing 3
GRD 120 Introduction to Graphic Design 3
GRD 167FL or CIS 167FL Introduction to Internet Animation using Flash 1
GR 160 Digital Imaging 3
BUS 290CI Cooperative Internship Program 1
Total  29
BUS 131 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 1
BUS 104 Accounting For Business Owners 3
BUS 220 or CIS 220 E-Business 3
BUS 230 Entrepreneurial Planning 3
BUS 240 Entrepreneurship Capstone 3
Total  13
BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communications 3
BCOM 102 Advanced Business and Technical Communications 3
MATH 115/BUS 105 Statistics or BUS 126 Business Math 3
COM 101 Oral Communications or BUS 127 Human Relations 3
CIS 120A Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
PHIL 205 Business Ethics 3
PEA 101A, PEA 103, PEA 104A, PEA 118, or PEA 201 1
HE 110 Industrial Safety and Workplace Training or any PEA Physical Education or any DNC Dance course 1
Total  20