Student Services

Deploying and Returning Students

There are steps for individuals who are taking classes and have not completed them before deployment: 
1. Print the petitions form and follow steps 1–6.
2. Submit the form to the Records and Registration Office with “Military Duty” being checked.
3. Attach the induction notice or your military orders that clearly displays the date of induction or date of activation.
4. Withdraw from all of your classes – attaching a copy of the schedule to the petitions form.
5. Specifically request 100% of your tuition to be refunded.

If you leave MCC for more than four years, you will need to follow the steps below for readmission and to re-activate your benefits:
1. Complete the re-admit form to re-activate your student number. (Hit submit only 1 time)
2. Meet with an academic counselor to get yourself back on course with your program of study.
3. If your program of study has changed, please go to New Program Declaration, remember you must register only for classes required to satisfy the program stated on your V.A. application.
Re-activating Your Veterans Benefits
1. Complete form 22-1999 (Change of Place of Training or Program)

If you have any questions, please call (231) 777-0345 or email