Muskegon Community College Dance Department

The MCC Dance Department offers a variety of classes for people of all levels. The only prerequisite for 100 level courses is that you are ready to succeed. Dance courses are all about moving your body and participating in class. If that sounds like fun to you, register now for the next session of classes!

Annual productions of Studio on Stage provide an opportu­nity for dance and theater students to showcase class projects. Every two years Overbrook Dance Theater in Concert provides an opportunity for students to perform and/or choreograph dance pieces. Classes in this program can fulfill the arts/humanities and/or physical edu­cation requirements needed to earn an Associates Degree.

MCC’s Muskegon Dance Company Mission Statement

Muskegon Dance Company’s mission is to cultivate artists while in a college setting. To inspire audiences through a wide variety of choreographic works that will entertain as well as challenge. The dance company strongly believes in allowing for the inclusion of all those passionate about exploring movement and strives to instill an enthusiasm and desire to engage community.

Dance Classes
DNC 100 Modern Dance I
DNC 200 Modern Dance II
DNC 101 Modern Jazz Dance I
DNC 201 Modern Jazz Dance II
DNC 106 Social Dance I
DNC 206 Social Dance II
DNC 102 Ballet I
DNC 297F Tap I
DNC 138 Dance Choreography & Design
DNC 210 Repertory Dance Tour Company

Melissa Brunsting



Cathy Gamby
Cathy Gamby began teaching for the MCC Dance Department in 1989. She has choreographed for, performed in and directed many of the college's dance concerts. The MCC Theater Program has utilized her choreography skills for a number of musicals as well as area high schools. Cathy has been teaching aerobics since 1982 and MCC's Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department quickly recruited her to teach aerobics for their department.

Cathy earned a bachelor's degree in dance with special emphasis in teaching from the University of California-Irvine in 1986 and while in California she performed, taught and attended many dance conventions and workshops. Her teaching experience includes work at Blue Lake Fine Arts School, Grand Valley State University, Muskegon High School, Grand Haven High School, Spring Lake High School, Nelson Elementary School, Christ Community Church and North Ottawa Council on Aging.

In 2010 she earned a Master's degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling from Columbia College Chicago. She has been working as a registered dance/movement therapist and recently began teaching for MCC's Psychology Department.