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Anthropology Course Descriptions

Before enrolling in these courses, you must demonstrate that you are ready to succeed.

ANTH 103 Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Society—3 Credit Hours – 3 Contact Hours
Offered Fall, Winter, and Summer.

Cultural Diversity in Contemporary Society is an ethnographic analysis of various cultural groups and the regions where they originate.  Such groups as African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Native-American will be the focus.  Emphasis will be placed on their cultural similarities and differences.  Students will compare such topics as the cultures' socialization process, education, gender roles, marriage and family living, religion, health, death and dying, etc.

ANTH 105D Introduction to Physical Anthropology/Archaeology – 4 Credit Hours - 4 Contact Hours
Offered Fall and Winter

The course introduces the student to the fields of physical anthropology and archaeology through a study of the evolution of Homo sapiens.  Emphasis will be placed upon modern evolutionary theory, the known fossil record, dating methods, primatology, prehistoric hominids and technology, population genetics, human variation, bio-cultural adaptation, and the origins of culture.  Potential topics and areas of further exploration include forensic science, archaeological dig sites, anatomy, and prehistoric tools.

ANTH 110 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology* - 3 Credit Hours - 3 Contact Hours
Offered Fall semester.
Introduces the student to the field of cultural anthropology through a study of language, kinship, technology, political organization, social organization, religion and healing, among other topics.  Emphasis will be placed upon an investigation of selected pre-modern groups representative of the world's major cultural regions.

*Denotes course that contains an International component.