Faculty & Staff

Instructor Absence Report

Instructor Absence Reports have been moved to MyMCC. Faculty and department secretaries will no longer be able to submit reports on the main campus website.

Why is this awesome for students?
This is awesome for students because MyMCC will now tell students when their classes have been cancelled. This will not be a subtle message that they might miss. This will be a red box that appears in the middle of the page.

Why is this good for faculty and department secretaries?
They can now see a list of previous submissions and edit these if an error is made. They can see all of their past submissions and use filters to find archived information if needed.

How does it work?
A link to the new Instructor Absence Reports can be found on the main MyMCC page. It is a link under the Applications section on the right hand side. Once this link is accessed, there are instructions on the page on how to fill out a submission. Make sure to complete only those reports for which you have authorization. Class cancellation notices can be made visible when you submit.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let Leona Adams at leona.adams@muskegoncc.edu.