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 Irene Church



Irene came to Muskegon Community College in January, 2007 as an adjunct instructor in the Business Department. Since her arrival she has:

  • Taught
    • BUS 162 (Introduction to Retailing),
    • BUS 125 (Supervision),
    • BUS 161 (Effective Selling),
    • BCOM 101 (Business and Technical Communication), and
    • BCOM 102 (Advanced Technical and Business Communication)
  • Served as a Career Advisor and Workshop Presenter at MCC
  • Developed the Internship Coordinator position in the Business Department 
  • Served as a Regional Judge for Business Professionals of America
  • Was hired as Full time Faculty and Lead Instructor of Business and Technical Communication (BCOM) Curriculum in June, 2010.

Irene began her career in retailing, prospering in the field for almost 20 years:

She began as a Management Trainee, was promoted within one year to Merchandise Manager.

Two years later she was promoted to Senior Merchandise Manager and increased Dress Department sales 30% in the first year to $1 million dollars.

Four years later she was promoted to Senior Divisional Manager where she trained and developed 25-50 associates annually in selling techniques and skills while managing 5 departments valued at $5 million dollars in inventory.

Three years later she was promoted to Senior Sales Management Trainer where her track record of profitable sales growth continued. She also managed seven departments and 25-50 associates. In addition, she created and led a Girl’s Empowerment Club for middle school students for 3 years.



Irene is a proud alumnus of Central Michigan University where she earned the following degrees: 

Master of Arts, Business Communication, 1987   

Thesis: “Communication Competence and the Liaison Role” 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1985  Double Major in Marketing and Communication 



* BCOM 101 Business and Technical Communication

* BCOM 102 Advanced Business and Technical Communication

* CSS 100 College Success Seminar




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