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  Christopher VanOosterhout                                    

Web Design and Development  


Christopher VanOosterhout is an e-commerce consultant with 18 years of experience helping organizations across the United States build effective eBusiness operations.  This includes work with all types of businesses from sole proprietorships to multi-billion-dollar corporations and a broad portfolio of non-profits.  Christopher is managing partner of a eBusiness and web hosting company known as Licentia LLC.  He regularly speaks to community, trade and industry groups about issues relating to emerging technology, privacy, security and social media. 

In addition to his consulting work he is a full-time faculty member at Muskegon Community College where he leads their Web degree program.  He currently serves in the following roles on campus:

  • Distance Learning Coordinator
  • Computer Information Systems Program Coordinator
  • Distance Learning Advisory Committee - Chair
  • Technology Council - Vice Chair
  • MyMCC Portal Implementation Committee
  • Faculty Seminar Days Committee (professional development programming)
  • Muskegon Community College New Web Site Advisory Committee

Areas of interest, research and consulting include: 

  • User Experience / User Interface
  • Customer Service
  • Privacy and Security
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online marketing
  • Social Media
  • Web 2.0
  • Higher Education
  • eBusiness related to
    • Maritime
    • Retail marine
    • Retail automotive
    • Finance
    • Agriculture
    • Non-profits
    • Churches
    • Festivals and special events




Bachelors of Science and Masters of Business Administration from Cornerstone University.


  • CIS110 Computer Concepts
  • CIS257A HTML for Internet Web Page Design (HTML5 and CSS3)
  • BUS220/CIS220 eBusiness
  • CIS267PHP Server Side Scripting Using PHP
  • BUS262/COM262 Social Media
  • CIS199 Introduction to Content Management Systems
  • CIS227 Advanced JavaScript
  • CIS258 Advanced HTML



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