Student Services

Admission Requirements


If you are seeking admission to Muskegon Community College, you can apply here online.  Submit proof of high school graduation or successful completion of the General Educational Development tests (G.E.D.), A Compass Placement Test may be required. For more information call (231) 777-0394.You may enter Muskegon Community College at any of three points in the year: Fall Semester (August/September), Winter Semester (January), Summer Semester (May-August). Applications should be submitted well in advance of the semester you choose to attend. (Note that some classes on campus, such as community service and apprenticeship classes, do not necessarily begin with the regular starting date of each semester.)

Transfer Students from other colleges need to complete the online application and have all official transcripts forwarded for evaluation. Transfer students who wish to receive a degree from Muskegon Community College must complete no less than 30 or the last 15 hours at MCC and attain a 2.0 or better overall grade-point average.

Apprentice Students will also complete the admission application. Regulations determine the number of apprentices in any trade which is a negotiated item in labor contracts or is set by the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training; it is not a decision of the College. Questions regarding approval for apprenticeship programs should be directed to the Internship Coordinator (231) 777-0418.