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Computer Information Systems

What are Computer Information Systems?  As an integral part of our academic, business and personal lives, computers have evolved into more than programmable calculators. Today's computer technology provides an essential link to all information you use at work or at home. Computer Information Sytem (CIS) courses at Muskegon Community College provide pathways to computer careers and training required to access important information resources.
Current government projections of new job openings list computer programming, systems analysis, and personal computer expertise as jobs that will continue to be in demand into the next century. People interested in computer information systems (data processing) as a career can find stimulating and rewarding jobs on the cutting edge of technological growth.

Students in Muskegon Community College's CIS program receive training in the skills necessary to secure jobs in traditional computer operations as well as new PC related fields. These CIS courses provide students with an educational foundation enabling them to master new equipment, systems, networks, and programming languages as changes in computer technology dictate.

The faculty at Muskegon Community College continually works with computer professionals to provide students with practical "hands-on" experience working with computers. Our business contracting, internship, and cooperative experience programs provide students with work experience to enhance their associate degree in computer information systems.

In addition, selected CIS courses at MCC are designed to provide students in other curricula and people working in the community with the skills to use computer technology as a problem-solving tool. We have the courses that will bring you into the computer age!

Degree Programs:

  • Computer Applications
  • Computer Network Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • E-Business
Muskegon Community College offers four vocational degree programs and classes that transfer to 4-year institutions. The Computer Programming degree is for students interested in careers within a computer or information center. MCC's Computer Applications degree is designed for careers requiring extensive knowledge of microcomputer operations and personal productivity software. The Computer Network Technology degree prepares students to administer and design local area networks. Our new E-Business degree provides hands-on work with building Web sites for electronic businesses and the background needed to keep pace with the constantly changing world of the Internet.