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MCC's Beta Xi Xi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa looks excited to begin the Michigan Region's Mock Chapter/Leadership Conference . . . Jenny, Becky, and Kelley caff up for a long day at the conference and beat International Representative Garon Tate through the door . . . Seph, Beta Xi Xi's own Regional Officer, huddles with LaTina, the President of the chapter that hosted the event, and Andi, another Regional Officer.

At the Mock Chapter/Leadership Conference, Becky's mock chapter and Jenny's mock chapter both chose the witty name Pi Rho; oh well, fiery minds think alike!  . . . MCC's Beta Xi Xi chapter pledged sisterhood to the Alpha Rho Pi chapter from Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City.

The Costume Ball at the Mock Chapter/Leadership Conference was . . . a ball! Seph and Becky dressed as suffragettes while the advisors stayed far away from costumes and the dance floor.

MCC Phi Theta Kappans (Sephram, Julie, Sara, and Doris) and alumni (Lisa and Aimee) attended the Womens Equality Day Dinner dressed as suffragettes to serve as reminders of the battle women won to rock the vote and to remind attendees to get to the polls on November 7.

Along with their families, Phi Theta Kappans from MCC's Beta Xi Xi chapter recycled old indeces from the LIT center.

Happy graduation, Beta Xi Xi!

Beta Xi Xi members dressed to impress in PTK stoles at MCC's 2006 graduation!

Best of luck to you PTK alumni!


Beta Xi Xi's Angels (Secretary Becky Oldaker, Vice President Sara Tibbe, Treasurer Lisa Bayne, and President Sephram Raymond), Secretary Becky's Regional Doodles, and the 2006-2007 Michigan Regional Board

Beta Xi Xi VP Sara with Beta Xi Xi Pres. Sephram, "Everybody loves Raymond . . . and a PTK Hug!" and Lisa schmoozing at the Regional Convention

Our newest inductees, including one College President Dr. Rule, at our February Induction Ceremony.