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Welcome to the Geography Program at Muskegon Community College. In recent years, geography at MCC has seen many changes: the addition of two lab-science courses; a new full-time faculty instructor and new adjunct instructors; updated course curriculums; and courses with online components, including one course offered completely online.


Geography as a discipline has experienced tremendous changes in the last decade. Today's geography is a field of study that enables us to ask questions, and then, by using geographic resources and data, learn to analyze information to provide answers. Geographic knowledge teaches us about the world, both culturally and physically. The geographically informed person can identify, understand, and appreciate the web of relationships between people, places, and environments.


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Name Location MCC Phone# Email
Diana Casey    (homepage) Room 1216 231-777-0638
Papa N'Jai       (homepage) Room 242-B 231-777-0693
Laurie Gasahl   (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
Michael Gutowsky  (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380
Jamie Way            (Adjunct) Room 242 231-777-0380