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Professional Development Opportunities

The MIDWEST INSTITUTE for International/Intercultural Education (MIIIE) is a self-funded consortium consisting of two-year colleges located in the Midwest region. Its primary objective is to support curriculum and professional development by offering an annual curriculum conference, several regional workshops, and facilitating the use of faculty mentors and professional groups. Through Muskegon Community College’s membership in The Midwest Institute study abroad opportunities are now available. For more details about all these opportunities email Theo Sypris, Director:, fax (269-488-4458). MIIIE -



Summer Workshops 2014

Food, Water and Global Development, Monday-Friday, August 4-8, 2014.
Global Forms, Labor, and Development, Monday-Friday, August 11-15, 2014.
Europe or Latin America, Monday-Friday, August 18-22, 2014.

Summer Workshops 2015


Global Values, Stewardship and Leadership, Monday-Friday, August 3-7, 2015.
Global Migrations and Transnational Networks, Monday-Friday, August 10-14, 2015.
Europe and Russia, Monday-Friday, August 17-21, 2015.


Summer Workshops 2016


Global Energy, Natural Resources, and Sustainability, August 2-6, 2016.
Global Competition, Coopertation, and Conflict, August 9-13, 2016.
Middle East and South Asia, August 16-2016.

The workshops will be offered at Kalamazoo Valley CC, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
For an application and additional information, contact Katherine Tosa 777-0376

Exemplary International Programs 
ACIIE- The American Council on International Intercultural Education

MCC is a member of the American Council on International Intercultural Education, an affiliate council of AACC, is the advocate for community colleges in the global arena, using its collective expertise to facilitate programs, activities, and linkages in international and intercultural education.

  • Main thrust: information on national policies
  • 120 members
  • 6 international members

IIE - The Institute of International Education

IIE administers 240 programs through which almost 18,000 men and women from 170 nations benefit annually. IIE forges partnerships between the public and private sectors to design and implement international programs and to provide technical assistance in all countries and all fields.

"The Coast Community College District International and Intercultural Grant Program"

Article Taken From CCID International News - Community Colleges for International Development

Each year the Coast Community College District in Costa Mesa, California, budgets for awards to be made to faculty who develop projects and create curricula that enhance and expand international education on the three District campuses (Coastline Community College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College). The grants provide funding for faculty initiatives that integrate a global perspective into the curriculum, promote international and intercultural relations and studies, and help the college communities to become more aware and sensitive to cultures other than their own and to become more informed about global issues.

For further information contact:

"Exemplary International Programs"
Community Colleges for International Development
Executive Offices
6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406,
Web Site: 

Institute for Social and International Studies 

Professional Development Program (Spanish / Foreign Language Department):

The Professional Development Program, offered each July for graduate credit, is designed for teachers of Spanish in high schools and community colleges. The course is small, seminar style, and focuses on proficiency-based communicative teaching methods with material drawn from contemporary Spanish culture. Barcelona, a magnificent historical and cultural center, is chosen as the site for this program because it offers the opportunity to experience the meeting of traditional and contemporary regional cultures which are so fundamental to an understanding of Spain.

Undergraduate Program, (Academic and Study Abroad Advisers):

This program offers upper division courses to post freshman level students who wish to continue their studies in an overseas environment.  ISIS offers three terms of 11-weeks (students earn 16-21 quarter hours / 10-13 semester credits) as well as an intensive 4-week summer program (12 quarter hours / 8 semester credits). Courses are transcripted through Portland State University in Oregon and are open to students with all levels of Spanish. Further information, including syllabi, is available by mail or on our website:

Richard L Browning, Ph.D. Institute for Social and International Studies
P.O. Box 751
Portland OR. 97207
Phone: 800.547.8887
Fax: 503.725.5320
Web Site:

Professional Development Program For Teachers of Spanish 

Barcelona, Spain     

Academic Program: 

This intensive program is designed for experienced teachers of Spanish in high school, community college, and university settings. Specifically, the course provides practical training in these three areas:

  • Methods: contemporary communicative language teaching
  • Spanish Language: seminars on the most difficult aspects of grammar and usage.
  • Culture: the geography, peoples, and society of modern Spain.
  • The program also includes course-related excursions in Barcelona and the environs.

Credit: Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive graduate credit:

  • 12 quarter credits (8 semesters) in Spanish or education (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Tran scripted through Portland State University (Oregon)

Barcelona is situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Collserola Hills, Barcelona affords an ideal setting for exploring regional Spanish culture. The city's annual summer festival offers a wide range of cultural opportunities including classical and avant-garde theater, music, and dance performances.

Institute for Social and International Studies
P.O. Box 751
Portland OR. 97207
Phone: 800.547.8887
Fax: 503.725.5320
Web Site:

Michigan Adult Learning & Technology Center

Online ESL Course - English as a Second Language

Are you interested in improving your English? Do you want to increase you English skills for TOEFL, college, work or pleasure? Here is a new, enjoyable, and effective way to learn English.

Michigan Adult Learning & Technology Center
Central Michigan University
Ronan Hall, Room 219
Mt. Pleasant, MI. 48859
Phone: 888.522.6258 or 517.774.7690/7691
Fax: 517.774.2181
Web Site: