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American Sign Language

  • American Sign Language site with demonstrations of words from an index of words from ASL University.
  • ASL Pro site supports the ASL Education Community.

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Automotive Technology


  • Taxonomy Browser from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • Plants Database from the United States Department of Agriculture.  Search by scientific name, by state, by characteristics.
  • BioZone is a nice starting point to topics in biology including animal behavior, animal biology, cell biology, ecology, genetics, microbiology, and plant biology.
  • Cirrusimage digital images and information on North American Insects and Spiders
  • Life Science Dictionary provided by the University of Texas.
  • The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online  This site "contains Darwin's complete publications, thousands of his private papers and the largest Darwin bibliography and manuscript catalogue ever published."  Also contains reference materials and other documents pertaining to Darwin.
  • Darwin Digital Library of Evolution includes original manuscripts and other materials related to Darwin's theory.
  • Functional Genomics presented by Science Magazine. Includes current news on genome research.
  • Nearctica presents the natural world of North America. This site deals with mother of the family Noctuidae. Established by Dr. Robert W. Poole and Dr. Patricia Gentili.
  • All the Virology on the Web for microbiology students. Provided by Tulane University School of Medicine.
  • - The Microbiology Information Portal. "A microbiology information portal containing a vast collection of resources including articles, news, frequently asked questions, and links pertaining to the field of microbiology."
  • Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections This site contains images and information from one of the world's largest collections of well-preserved, sectioned and stained brains of over 100 different species of mammals.
  • Anatomy of the Human Body as presented by Henry Gray in 1918. The searchable site includes over 1200 drawings.
  • Scirus a search engine for scientific information.
  • General Biology section from the Michigan Electronic Library.  Click on Science then click the icon next to one of the biology topics.

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College Success Center

College Success Seminar (CSS)


Computer Information Systems


Criminal Justice





Electronics / Electrical



  • Engineering provided by Internet Public Library/Librarians' Index to the Internet.
  • Engineering site provided by the National Society of Professional Engineers

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Foreign Languages

  • Foreign Language Resource Center provided by New Hampshire Department of Education. Includes 14 Resource Centers in various language groups, including Central Asian, Slavic, East European, African, Middle East and South Asia as well as language research centers.
  • Transparent Language download center.
  • Language provided by Michigan Electronic Library. Click on one of several Language categories.

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Graphic Reproduction/Photography



  • Nutrition

    • Searchable USDA Nutrient Database provided by the U.S. Agricultural Research Service. Information on food contents include vitamins, minerals, lipids, amino acids, and caffeine. The site also includes information on retention factors, isoflavones, carotenoids, Vitamin K, trans fatty acids, and sugar.
    • NNCC Nutrition Database National Network for Child Care provided by Iowa State University, Cooperative Extension System.
    • Tufts University Nutrition Navigator

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Hydraulics / Pneumatics


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Library Skills

Machine Technology

Manufacturing Technology


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 Materials Technology


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Massage Therapy





Physical Education

Physical Science


Political Science



Real Estate

Respiratory Therapy


  • A Sociology Timeline from 1600 by Ed Stephan at Western Washington University.
  • Online Dictionary of the Social Sciences provided by Athabasca University and the International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication.
  • Dead Sociologists' Index includes additional links to sociology sites. Created by Larry Ridener at James Madison University.
  • U.S. Census Bureau provides a wealth of statistical data. They make hundreds of reports available at their Publications page. Topics cover agriculture, business, housing, population and other areas. Included under Population are reports on marriage and divorce, health insurance coverage, poverty, labor, and many other topics.
  • AmeriStat U.S. population data on marriage and family, health, poverty, labor, migration, education, fertility, children and mortality.
  • State of the Cities 2000 provides information on population, employment, crime and other variables.

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 Women's Studies

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